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TIF's Gone Bad....Everywhere!!

We will furnish the sordid details of several tax-payer rip-offs as time allows.  We are beginning to load this site in the final minutes of 2011.  The most interesting common threads you will see are the number of times we see the same politicians and public servants linked to the most devious criminals and confidence men.  Coincidence?

The information behind this page's links was gathered primarily from public bodies through Freedom Of Information Act requests (FOIA) including several City of Chicago departments such as Planning and Development, Permits and Construction, Zoning, HED and several Cook County offices such as the Recorder of Deeds, (hats off to Gene Moore for his online resources), the Cook County Assessor's Office and Jessie White's Secretary of State virtual site. Most federal agencies such as HHS appear to be incapable of helping.

Admittedly there is some conjecture and a little opinion.   You'll recognize it when you see it.

Carpenters Local 58 thanks Greg Brewer and the Citizens For Responsible Development in the 50th Ward for their help in getting us started.  The facts reveal that there appears to be a lack of interest by elected and administrative officials within all bodies of government including law-enforcement to stop the theft of the public's money.  These stories are assembled by Chicago tax-payers.
CPS Scams: Ever wonder why workers with bewildered expressions in beat up trucks are always running in and out of Chicago schools?  Have you ever tried to speak to them about their work?  We did and found that many contracts totaling millions of tax-dollars are being let out utilizing the same workers over and over covering multiple disciplines yet their names never appear anywhere.  Find out why.  
THE PAY TO PLAY GARAGE.  Developers and Politicians working together, it's beautiful.    What about the players?  Is it bigamy? Is it mortgage fraud? Did Rosa marry for love or did she get in so deep that she was forced to legitimize one of the biggest securities scams perpetrated on the Devon Avenue Asian community? Where is the City of Chicago, Inspector General? Where is the F.B.I.?