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Chicago, IL. 60631
phone: 773/267-5858
fax: 773/267-8805

Carpenters Local 58
"Show me the country that has no strikes and I'll show you the country in which there is no liberty." - Samuel Gompers, 1st General President of AFL
Local 58 pickets ABC contractor Torre Granrath's Custom Concrete for area standards
This fellow was mad about the 58 picket.  Police were called.  He was even madder when the city made him remove the foundation at 6005 N. Kimball
A job corrupt from beginning to end. It never ends!
This job has it all! Politicians and bankers, Confidence men and securities fraud scammers and other criminals!  See TIFF's Go Bad/RockwellDevon
Red Lobster AKA Darden Group brings up good ol boys from Texas and Georgia
Night School at Roycemore in Evanston
The owner of this truck below is not a union member.  He will tell you he was forever.  He even has Carpenters Union stickers on his truck.  Not true.  He works for an ABC contractor..
sign reads 
"LOCAL 58 
picket ????
out of AFL Ian  
not follow rules".  
Local 58 gets counter-picketed by Guy Battista (G&L Contractors)
Click on letter below to read Local 58's explanation of the benefits to the community that are gained when work is done union.
Click on link below to read Joseph Becker, Headmaster of Roycemore School explain it's all nickels and dimes and the benefit to the community be damned.